DISK automatic electrostatic painting equipment production, and more to promote the coating process of the mechanization of production, DISK electrostatic painting equipment greatly improved the efficiency of coating production to cover more products spraying requirement like small batch or large quantities, multi-size and multi-color coating products requirements.

Shenzhen anfengtai Ltd. is specialized in the production of DISK automatic electrostatic coating equipment. Our DISK automatic coating equipment is featured for high degree automation, high efficiency, good quality paint layer and paint saving etc., It's suitable for a variety of shapes, materials, products automatic spraying. Electrostatic paint absorb efficiency can be up to 95% for 2-3 times efficiency comparing to manual operation. Hanging conveyor can make full use of space to make each stage processed efficiently such as material handling and quick maintenance etc.

DISK automatic electrostatic painting equipment is widely used in bicycles, automobiles, motorcycles, home appliances, metal products, wood furniture and other industries. Our products are supporting the use of international branded electronic components for years problem-free operation. Stable quality, reasonable price and quality service to make our DISK automatic electrostatic painting equipment widely recognized throughout the East and South China

Our DISK automatic electrostatic coating equipment features:

  1. Compared with the traditional operation, the DISK automatic electrostatic painting saves 30-60% paint during production process, and with the curtain-type spray room, cleaning becomes simple, easy, greatly reduce environmental pollution.
  2.  With the conveyor-type operation, production efficiency increased 2-3 times, or even higher.
  3. Painting smoothly and greatly reduced manual reparing spray, quality is greatly improved.
  4. Simple operation, common worker after training program can be good at operation.
  5. Paint pump is top brand inverter control with precision gear pump for stable paint supply.
  6. PLC and touch screen program control system for problem free testing before send to live production mode.
  7. Static part of the use of imported components, superior performance, with leakage over-voltage, over-current and other automatic protection.
  8. All parts of electronic control parts are imported electrical parts, safe and durable, stable, long life, with over-current, overload power protection.