Teflon coating production line is mainly applied for kitchen utensils industry, such as non-stick pan, rice cooker pot, knives, baking pan, and so on. The main process: sandblasting pre-treatment → blowing dust → base coat → curing → top coat → curing → cooling → unload.


Coating production line main parts

The main components of coating line include: pretreatment equipment, painting equipment, heating and curing furnace, heat source system, electric control system, conveyor and so on.

The pre-treatment:

Purpose: Remove oil on workpiece and produce a layer of corrosion resistance
The main process steps: degreasing, rust removal, phosphate, passivation.
Related equipment: pretreatment bad. Related materials (chemicals) sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, soda ash, acid degreasing agent, phosphating solution, passivation solution.

The automatic spraying production line includes a self-priming three-curtain environment-friendly dust-free spray booth, a dust-free spray booth with a standard automatic surface coating, a set of automatic blowing dust system, a 60℃ preheating system, a set base coat curing bake furnace, a set of 28M-1200MM-420℃ type high temperature curing bake furnace.

Temperature control: high-temperature furnace has three temperature zone - heating zone, heat preservation zone and cooling zone three sections, heat preservation zone provides 380-420 ℃ for 12 minutes.


Load --- Passive preheating area (before leveling - preheating evaporation) --- high temperature sintering zone --- passive energy-saving insulation zone --- buffer --- quench zone --- Export hand under the pieces

2, the process speed: V = 1000mm / min (0-1.5m / min adjustable)

3, Parameters and configuration:

A drive, 1.5KW 200: 1 Fuji variable speed motor control system composed of variable frequency drive system

B SHS304 212AL stainless steel industrial high-temperature mesh belt

C The main body of bake duct is made of stainless steel 0.9MM (thinnest part) SHS304 stainless steel sheet

D 250 ~ 300MM high temperature cotton insulation composition of the main bake Road insulation system

E SHS304 stainless steel rail made of 3.0MM stainless steel plate

F high temperature sintering area up and down 500 * 90MM stainless steel pipe mixing system to ensure uniform temperature mixing

G full intelligent temperature control system, the upper and lower temperature zone temperature control more accurate

H 2 group mechanical screen and smoke exhaust system, 4 sets of high temperature smoke adjustable exhaust system to ensure the tool brightness .2 groups of exhaust exhaust system to ensure that the workshop clean.

I 5 axial flow 5 # fan and wind equalizer to form a rapid cooling system

J import and export of stainless steel work platform

K exhaust emission system