Filter Project

  摩托车外表面80%以上均由涂装处理。涂层外观、鲜艳性、光泽、颜色等的优势是人们对摩托车质量的直观评价,因此它将直 接影响摩托车的市场竞争能力。 另外,涂装也是提高摩托车产品的耐蚀性和延长摩托车使用寿命的主要措施之一。因此摩托车制造行业越来越重视产品的涂装,尤其是摩托车钢件和塑料覆盖件的涂装已成为摩托车制造要求最好的工业过程之一。

more than 80% on motorcycle surface are coating treatment. Coating appearance, bright, glossy, color, etc are direct judgement from people for motorcycle quality evaluation, so surface coating quality will directly affect the motorcycle market competitiveness. In addition, the coating is also to improve the corrosion resistance of motorcycle products and extend the general life cycle. Therefore, the motorcycle manufacturing industry more and more pay attention to product coating, especially the motorcycle steel and plastic components coating has become the top requirement in motorcycle manufacturing processes.

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