more than 80% on motorcycle surface are coating treatment. Coating appearance, bright, glossy, color, etc are direct judgement from people for motorcycle quality evaluation, so surface coating quality will directly affect the motorcycle market competitiveness. In addition, the coating is also to improve the corrosion resistance of motorcycle products and extend the general life cycle. Therefore, the motorcycle manufacturing industry more and more pay attention to product coating, especially the motorcycle steel and plastic components coating has become the top requirement in motorcycle manufacturing processes.

Motorcycle painting process mainly refers to motorcycle frame, fuel tank and plastic parts. Because the shape of workpiece and the different requirements of protection, fuel tank coating is one of the most representative part.

According to the different materials and appearance properties of motorcycle parts, our company mainly provides the following spraying solutions:

DISK automatic electrostatic painting equipment - for bicycles, motorcycles frame. The use of electrostatic spraying operations, can reduce the waste of paint and over coating phenomenon, so you can reduce the cost of cleaning and waste paint management. Compared with the traditional operation, disc DISK automatic electrostatic painting process saves 30-60% of the paint production process.

Reciprocating machine with bell cup spraying - apply to the motorcycle plastic parts painting. The use of hanging conveyor structure, de-dust, preheating, reciprocating spray paint and then bake off the assembly line, fully automated operation. Bell cup unique high atomization effect to make the paint more evenly distributed in the product surface, no color phenomenon.

Workflow: electrostatic de-dust → eliminate stress → spray conductive paint → air or electrostatic spray primer → flash off → drying → cooling → grinding and decal → clear coat spraying → flash off → drying → cooling → grinding and polishing → inspection and packing

Cathodic electrophoresis - mainly for motorcycle fuel tank coating. Because of the requirements related to corrosion resistance, tank electrophoresis process is the most ideal solution.

The main technological process of electrophoresis is as follows: Loading → pre-degreasing (spraying) → degreasing (dipping) → washing (spraying) → washing (dipping) → surface conditioning (dipping) → phosphating (dipping) → washing (spraying) → washing (dipping) → pure water washing (dip + spray) → electrophoresis → a recovery → secondary recovery → UF washing → UF washing → washing → washing → washing → drying → cooling → Unload

Other parts such as rear-view mirror, guard, storage box, such as the coating can be used as the specific circumstances of the ideal spraying methods, such as manipulator, reciprocating machine.